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sslogo                                                                             Seraphic Spheres ~ Vision Statement

        We, the Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom, in accordance with the divine guidance and wisdom of Seraph ADALIAN, set forth the following  Vision Statement:   As initiated teachers of information and wisdom, we recognize the sacred responsibility with which we have been entrusted. We aspire to the wellbeing of the North American Continent and its inhabitants, and for the planet as a whole. Our goal is to bring these teachings to all who wish to receive them, for the advancement of the Highest Good of humanity and the planet. The teachings granted to us are built around core principles of love, harmony, mutual respect and community. We recognize and welcome the obligation to conduct ourselves in our work as Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom in accordance with those core principles. We understand our role and purpose in this work to be based on mutual support and cooperation, rather than individual achievement and competition. We agree, therefore, that we will do our best to set aside our personal agendas, to avoid conflict and competition with each other, and to cooperate in reaching mutual agreement in the advertising of individual teaching services, pricing and the instruction of students. We intend that each Teacher support the growth of all Teachers by the free and open sharing of materials, insights and experiences, so that all may benefit from the skills, talents and experiences of each of us. As representatives of Seraph ADALIAN, we also intend and agree to make our best efforts to conduct our personal lives in integrity with the principles of love, harmony and community, and to the best of our ability embody what we teach. It is our intention, and our devout hope, that all present and future Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom will join us in bringing this Vision Statement to life, by acting in accordance with these provisions, which we believe to reflect the intent of Seraph ADALIAN
in granting us these gifts.



Welcome to the Directory for Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom

The Teachers listed below all have unique personal experience and areas of expertise. Since the Seraphic Energies are connected with the Universal Grid of Light, they are not exclusionary. Which is to say, that the Seraphim energies can be combined with other modalities to enhance the desired outcome for the highest and greatest good of the recipient. Our community works with emphasis on Unity not Uniformity, which fosters a foundation of co-creation as we continue to expand and grow in the flow of the New Earth paradigm.


Please click on the Teacher's name to go to their individual page. The pages are personalized to energetically allow their style and emphasis to come through to perspective students.  Every one has a unique energetic signature that will resonate more strongly with another. The Seraphic Wisdom energy system is fluid with expansions and changes in how the energies are used. Periodically Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom are updated and taught about changes, the Certification Renewal Date beneath their name designates which teachers are most current with the upshifted energies.  A link to learn of their class schedules is located on the individual pages ~ most teachers offer classes via teleconference so you can learn from the comfort of your home or sacred space.

The Directory is arranged according to North American Times Zones for ease in locating a class that can coordinate with your schedule.

 Thank you for wishing to learn more about how to become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.


philip     Philip Buttenfield

    Location: Pennsylvania 

bev heinz     Beverly Heinz

    Location: Michigan 

gabriello     Gabriella Lombardi

    Location: Pennsylvania 

sangita     Sangita Patel

    Location: New Jersey

    Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

maria     Maria Sidorova

    Location: Toronto Canada 

   Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

cynthia smith     Cynthia Smith

     Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom, Teacher Trainer

    Location: North Carolina and Tennessee 


linda mayer    Linda Mayer

    Location: Oregon 


liz ann fischer      Liz Ann Fischer

     Location: Colorado 

     Teaching Certification Renewal  2017

ann      Ann Gilfillan

     Location: Arizona 

     Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

bess masteller       Bess Masteller

       Location: Colorado 

brenda      Brenda Hardwick

     Location: Colorado

      Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 


julianna       Julianna Char

     Location: Nevada 

     Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

Erin      Eren Nalani

     Location: Nevada

      Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

pam cobb      Pamela Cobb

    Location: Nevada

    Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 


Alistair       Alistair Coakley

     Location: Ireland 

     Teaching Certification Renewal 2017 

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