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See the calendar below for a quick monthly view of upcoming events which include Classes, Free Meditations, Introductory Teleconferences and Teacher Certifications. Our courses and programs are for both the beginner as well as those who are experienced in the field of Conscious Living and Energy Attunements.

Click the forward arrow by the month noted to see future calendars.

By simply clicking on each event details you will see Teacher/Facilitator, time, brief event description, and link to register online or contact information.

There are Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom located in all four North American Time Zones.  Many Tele-Classes are offered via Teleconference for your convenience.

For expanded class descriptions, go to the Seraphic Wisdom link provided below. You can visit the Teacher's Directory to learn more about each Facilitator and touch into the beautiful, unique energetic signature from each one.

Thank you for your interest and Welcome to the Seraphic Spheres, YOUR Portal to Seraphic Wisdom!

 Seraphic Wisdom Courses being offered Nationally:

The Seraph's Love and Faith - Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom - 22 Attunements to Heal Us and the Country

The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening - Step into your long awaited role as a New Earth Guardian

7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love  - Bringing Harmonious Energy to All Relationships

The Seraphim Gaia Link Group Meditation Facilitator Attunement Classes

- Two available group meditations

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