Seraphic Wisdom

Gaining wisdom through guidance and energetic support of a higher consciousness by awakening your innate abilities.

Listed below are all Seraphic Wisdom courses that are taught within Seraphic Spheres including Teacher Certification Programs.

Visit the Community Class Calendar link below to see classes scheduled in your local area or by tele-class. Our Teacher Directory features Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom who live in all United States Time Zones as well as Canada. See below for Info on the Free Seraphim Gaia Link Group Meditations held monthly. 


  "...We work with the cosmic spirit of NY to support the replacement of the New Atlantean and Lemurian consciousness and for an embodiment of our I AM presence. That expansion of consciousness is effecting our ability to communicate with the whole universe in a perfect way. We are realizing now the comeback of the giant crystal consciousness of Lemuria and Atlantis from other planets and dimensions and during the workshop we become a part of their reunion- it will all happen exactly on 9-13-2015. The perfect time and place  for awakening creators - let us enjoy it."      -Seraph ADALIAN quote from the New York Change Workshop

Practitioners of Seraphic Wisdom; effective August 2017 a change in how some of the energies can be used in The Seraph's Love and Faith course. Please contact your teacher to learn more details. Teachers are scheduling classes to offer updates, energy overlays and a review of how the Seraphic Wisdom Energies can benefit to live your life daily with ease and grace. 

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  Click here for Recording Link- Bringing Harmonious Energy to Relationships

The link above is a Voice America Radio broadcast with Sangita Patel, Eren Nalani and Cynthia Smith, Co-Creators of this course. The discussion Bringing Harmonious Energy to Relationships describes what is contained in the 7 modules of this Seraphic Wisdom program. Enjoy a "sample" energy of The Wave of 3 Joys. You are invited to receive this Seraphic Energy in a quiet space and with an open heart. Please see the Class Calendar link below for all Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom who have scheduled this course, as well as, other courses in Seraphic Wisdom ~ Thank You!

          7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love; Building a Rainbow Bridge

Bringing Harmonious Energy to All Relationships ~ beginning with ourselves

 This program was designed with a great degree of thoughtfulness, personal experience and desire to offer a comprehensive body of work that, when completed will support individuals to make a change to enhance family relationships. The intent is that when all 4 E's contained in each module are integrated into your daily lifestyle, a change will occur that allows for LOVE, HARMONY and CREATIVITY; essential elements to the human soul for optimal well-being and happiness.

The purpose of this course is to recognize every day challenges that individuals and families face, to offer real value solutions, suggestions and resources, with a sprinkling of spirituality to assist in making changes that will foster and support the parents. The ultimate goal is to help the children, especially those identified as highly intuitive by their parents.

The overall goal is to show individuals and families how to shift from chaos and conflict to harmonious relationships within the home. We refer to the course as The Family Series however, you will see that each workshop is also applicable and beneficial to all individuals who are interested in bringing mind, body and spirit into alignment in order to facilitate personal growth and expansion.

The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series contains 7 workshop modules. Each module is about  2 hours of class time. While each module is a stand-alone workshop, as the students progress from Modules 1 though 7 a layering of information occurs when taking all modules in sequence which will be optimally beneficial. 

Each module contains a formula for learning called the 4 E's:

Enlightening Thought Provoking Information
  Gives an overview of challenge presented and examples of topic problem

Exercises done in class with Student (parent) interaction
    Purpose is to assist students in identifying problems and recognizing solutions

Energetic Support for the Spirit
     Coordinates with the seven human chakras to reinforce the link of spiritual support which provides a tool to manifest change with ease.

mbrace and Expect Change
      Resources and tools are given to use at home. Practical solutions and suggestions for how to create change with quick results.

The 7 Module Topics that offer 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love which will create a Rainbow Bridge between Parent and Child, Partners, Siblings and othe important relationships in your life:

1. Achieving Joy by Creating a Home with Consciousness

2. Nourishing your Body and Soul with Awareness

3. Conscious Parenting with Confidence

4. Harmonizing Blended and Biological Families through healing of your Inner Child

5. Communication through the Heart Language

6. Personal Wellness through Planetary Mindfulness

7. The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation; the Keys to Personal Growth

Class Duration: Each workshop module is about 2 hours.   Course may be taught over a weekend retreat, weekly, or as designed by teacher/facilitator to meet student needs.                     

 Class Fee for teleconference workshops: $55 for each module. Pre-payment for full series of 7 modules discount rate of  $333.   Additional Introductory or  Early Bird Discounts may be offered in your area., see community calendar or Teacher Directory to find a teacher in your area of the country.   Please note: In person workshop fees may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expense.

There is no pre-requisite. Everyone with a desire to experience personal expansion; find ways to create an improved family dynamic or enrich the relationship with your child is welcome to register.


               The Seraph's Love and Faith

                   Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.

      There are 22 initiations in this class, the energy from this Seraph is very loving and compassionate. Use the energy attunements of Love and Faith given to us by the Seraphim Angels to assist with healing and helping humanity and the earth.

 An excerpt from the introduction to the course as it was channeled from the Seraph, who is the Guardian of North America:

 "The American history is like a mirror for the power of new beginnings and the strong intention for new perfect solutions".

  During the workshop the SERAPH will lift up LOVE and FAITH for the participants into a higher level. With the initiations given by the SERAPH we will also have a jump start for activating serious new beginnings – for a sustained lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.

The Seraph is clearing karmic issues. He said, "a strong problem for most of the Americans is the rootlessness and so he is helping us by healing the old roots and creating new ones. That is important for all matters of economy and science, and it is basic for all human relationships."

 Topics discussed and some of the initiations that you will receive in the Seraph's Love and Faith course include:

* Channels directly to the Seraph
* Cosmic Hearts
* The Seraphic Pulse
* Wisdom of the Land and Clearing of the Native American trauma
* Energy flow between North and South America
* Difference between Light Spots and Power Places
* Seraphic Potential
* Connection to the I AM Presence
* Healing energies Practitioners can use for themselves, as well as,
  others in sessions with clients, family members
* Learn how to activate Angelic energy with confidence and
  ease, a universal energy that is available to all who desire to use it

 Class Duration is about : 8 hours                              

 Class Fee: $180 for teleconference. In person workshop intensives may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expense.

There is no pre-requisite. Everyone with a desire to heal this country and therefore the planet is welcome to register.


An Introduction to The Seraph's Love and Faith Energies

A Seraphic Energetic Experience to "sample" how the Angelic energies feel to you.

An opportunity to hear about personal experiences with the Seraphim Angels. Learn how you too can bring this love, angelic assistance and compassion into your life by easily and quickly asking for the waves of energy to be given to you each day or as needed.  Participate in receiving and feeling the love and healing from the Seraph for your own use as you are guided. If time permits, a group intention/guided meditation may be facilitated to further send the waves of love to a specific region or purpose that needs healing attention by the Seraphim Angels. A great way to sample how the energies feel before taking the intensive workshops offered.

If you are new to energy work, this is a wonderful way to learn more; group questions are welcome during this presentation.

 Duration: one hour                                               Fee: minimal but priceless

avalonimage                       The Birth of the New Avalon;
           Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening

Are you a New Earth Guardian who has been waiting for the awakening of this next step for expansion?

The information in this course as given to us by the Angel is unprecedented and timely.  In the course, The Seraph's Love and Faith, we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal The United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and assisting the country of Canada who is described as the Land of Dreams. This group process will then permit a more significant shift in consciousness for the planet. Regardless of where you live, by participating in the anchoring of these energies in both courses, you make a contribution to the progressive spiritual expansion of the continent of North America and the world.

The energies of the New Avalon are ready to come into the world. The middle age Avalon was the kingdom of shamans and nature priestesses and so the New Avalon is the space for creating a new harmony between mankind and nature.  Now is the time when the earth has been perfectly harmonized with the development of human consciousness; making way for the New Earth Guardians to take their own responsibility to enter the wonderful place called the New Avalon.  Learn to use star healing to re-connect  with your power place in the universe and facilitate opening your cosmic potential.In this advanced program you will learn about Seraph ADALIAN's Earth Healing Attunements with Canada's sacred springs, sacred groves, crystalline treasures; the crystalline cities of silver and gold; consciousness of dolphins, keepers of the crystal sounds; your personal animal totem, power stone. Those with a past link to Atlantian/Lemurian times will feel a quickening of recognition that will awaken the wisdom and power of their energetic personal double dorje. The initiations received in this course are too numerous to list.

Guardians of the New Earth have been waiting and now is the time to awaken and utilize these gifts you possess.

Class Duration: 8-12 hours

Class Fee: $250  (teleconference fee, In person workshop intensives may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expense.)

 No Pre-requisites


Certifications to become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

If you feel called to teach any of the Seraphic Wisdom courses, after you have completed the course that you wish to become certified to teach, the process is as follows:

A $50 application fee is sent with the Request for Confirmation questionnaire which will be applied to the Teacher Certification fee.
If you are not confirmed, your check will be returned.
Return the completed Request for Confirmation questionnaire. This then leads to asking for confirmation by the Seraph that becoming a teacher is a part of your Soul's purpose at this time.
Once you receive notice of the Seraph's confirmation to become a teacher, you must complete the pre-requisites as noted for each course. Then register for the next available Teacher Training/Certification course offered and submit the course fee before the registration due date. A Teacher Candidate Orientation call is scheduled and mandatory to attend via teleconference prior to Teacher Certification class. 

Please email Cynthia for more information of what Teachers receive and support included with the Teacher Certification program.
To request the questionnaire for Confirmation to Become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, complete the registration page and remit the class deposit. You will then be emailed the form for completion.

The Seraph's Love and Faith or The Birth of the New Avalon Teacher Certification Programs

If you feel called to bring the attunements from Seraph ADALIAN to others, you are invited to request a Confirmation of Becoming a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom questionnaire at this time. Those who are called to be a part of this group will hold a high heart vibration that fosters the support and success of all future teachers in the community. We will work together in a cohesive and loving way that will be in alignment with the new earth paradigm of teaching and learning by honoring all as equal partners of Light.
* You must have attended the Seraphic Wisdom workshop you desire to teach and regularly activate the attunements.
* You must have completed a re-take of the course to receive the overlay of energies and expanded information to prepare for the Teacher Initiations.
* It is also required that you either do the original class or a re-take of the workshop with Cynthia, Teacher Mentor, to become even more familiar with the content from a teaching perspective.
* You must attend the Teacher Candidate Orientation at least one time prior to becoming certified to teach any class.

Certification Class about 8 hours plus additional mentoring session
Course Fee: $450 for each teaching certification
Pre-requisite re-take of class: $75 (teachers pay a one time fee for each class and may re-take as many times as desired)

Seraphic Wisdom Family Series - 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love - Teacher Certification

The Family Series is a body of work that will call to many who have been wishing to make a difference in our society starting with the dynamics of family relationships. So many who have had training in counseling, energy work or spiritual guidance see the need and perhaps have explored or taught information to address the myriad of challenges faced by families today. Never before has the public been offered such a comprehensive, broad range of topics been accumulated to offer enlightening, thought provoking information and offer real value solutions with a sprinkling of spirituality. While this group of 7 workshops is intensive in its content, those who are parents, teachers, lightworkers will find this course format easy to teach. A complete package of full Teachers Manual and Student Outline for each module is given to teachers for consistency and ease of facilitating. Handouts and Flyers are also shared to provide everything you need to give you confidence to quickly schedule and offer this coursework as you are guided.

* You must have attended the Family Series workshops.
* You must have completed a re-take of the course  (if required) to receive the overlay of energies and expanded information to prepare for the Teacher Initiations.
* It is also required that you either do the original class or a re-take of the workshop with Cynthia, Teacher Mentor, to become even more familiar with the content from a teaching perspective.
* You must attend the Teacher Candidate Orientation at least one time prior to becoming certified to teach any class.

Certification Class about 8 hours plus additional mentoring session
Course Fee: $555

Click here to request questionnaire for teacher confirmation

The Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation Groups

See Class Calendar for next scheduled date and time for the meditations ~ No Fee to Participate!
" There is no time to waste, no time to delay. All healing for me must come from this understanding. There is nothing more to wait for, there is no shift that you are waiting to happen to you, you must all come together with the grid and create your "shift". You access the fifth dimension from the heart center, from the heart chakra. There is nothing more to do but live from the heart center. There is no reason why you cannot do this now!"
- Gaia

The Seraphim Gaia Link Group Meditation meets once a month at the full moon for Seraphim Gaia Link Planetary Development and at the new moon for Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light via teleconference call. There is never a fee to participate, only registration is required to the Gaia Link Facilitator (email: who has volunteered their time to lead the meditation gathering.  All Light Workers are welcome ~ you do not have to be a Seraphim Practitioner or experienced in any way to meditation practices. The only requirement is your guidance and desire to assist Gaia and humanity as needed.

This dynamic group meets for the meditation to share experiences, insights and a sense of harmonic community. Please contact any of the Teacher's who are certified as a Facilitator of the Seraphim Gaia Link meditations to learn how to become a faciltator in your community.

"Bringing the Seraphic Frequency in a benevolent, loving manner to others, for the their hightest and greatest good, is the supreme goal of a Facilitator. This expression of service is returned many times as a vibration of angelic gratitude which cannot be replicated as soul joy." -Seraph ADALIAN 2016

The fee to be attuned to become a Seraphim Gaia Link Facilitator is $55 which includes course notes for your future students and script to facilitate the group meditation.

The Seraphim Gaia Link for Planetary Development is a meditation with an emphasis of a more global intention that allows us to be of service to our Mother Earth Gaia. The group guided meditation allows for an interaction with the Seraphim Angels on behalf of supporting and easing of events in these dynamic times. This special meditation evolved from the original in 2011 and gives insight to understanding the importance of the Platonic Solids linked to the ArchAngels.

The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light guided meditation was channeled in response to an upshift needed to support our Diamond Light Bodies. This new meditation is different from the other. The focus is for a more individual, personal intention. The process connects us to what is called the Matrix of Light, an inter-dimensional energetic pattern of the highest divine expression. It is within the Matrix that we "go to" during the meditative process to tap into the Stillpoint of the Matrix. When done in a group, the guided process enables participants ot rise to the highest vibration present and then to reach even higher frequencies when linked to the Seraphim Angels.