linda mayer  

Linda Mayer

Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom
Certified to Teach~
The Seraph's Love and Faith
Seraphic Wisdom Family Series: 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony With Love

The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening

The Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation Certified Facilitator/Teacher

Located in Arkansas and Florida
 Offers Teleconference Classes
Phone: 216-225-6111

Greetings, I am Linda Mayer and I love the adventures of Life and all the incredible experiences that are here for us on our beautiful planet. I grew up in a large family on a farm in NY State and since childhood I have been blessed with awareness of my deep roots in the love given to us from our Mother Earth. Working for many years as an RN in the health care industry awakened me to the need for Holistic Healing. I am currently a practitioner and teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, as well as a practitioner of Seraphim Blueprint level 6, Rising Star Healing, and a Reiki Master. My life's spiritual journey is never ending. The yearning of my soul to find its higher purpose led me on a wonderful adventure and spiritual re-awakening to the Seraphic Spheres. Becoming a practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom reunited my soul and my roots to Gaia. I am open, alive and free . My husband and I currently live on an organic farm in NW Arkansas. From my flowers and plants I also make organic healing tinctures and salves. I have been blessed with an incredible life and family and grandchildren. My adventures have allowed me to live and work in 12 states. My life adventures have given me great stories, which I love to share.

I want to express my gratitude to my Seraphic Wisdom Teacher, Cindy Smith. After becoming a practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom I thought, what can get better than this? I was given the opportunity to become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom. This is an honor and privilege and my soul rejoices. As a teacher I see myself assisting the Seraph in her giving of Divine Seraphic consciousness to others who wish to awaken to this path. As a practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom I am learning faith, trust, and belief in my connection to the Wave of Oneness with the Source of all that is. I realize my I AM presence and it's so much FUN. The Seraph ADALIAN's loving embrace brings to all, positive physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. Please contact me at at the email address above.

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