Gabriella Lombardi

         Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom
Certified to Teach~

The Seraph's Love and Faith

The Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation Certifed Facilitator-Teacher

Located in Pennsylvania
 Offers Teleconference Classes

    Many of us feel a compelling yearning at our core for something intangible that is higher/truer/deeper... spiritual growth, an authentic life, peace, connection to source… such words attempt to articulate this aspiration. I have long been interested in tools, techniques and teachings which help us fulfill these aspirations, as both individuals and the collectives we belong to. As individuals become clearer, the whole holds more light. And as the whole becomes brighter, it becomes easier for individuals to find their way. All liberation is indeed bound together.

     My education and work background is in community organizing and development in the non-profit and public sectors. My personal interests led to various holistic (body-mind-spirit) healing practices that empower individuals in their own wellness care. A Reiki training intensive in 1998 provided my first direct experience of human as energy being. Reiki began to teach me experientially about the energetic interconnection of all life. It also offered tools that I could share with others for their own growth and well-being, and that they could easily learn themselves. I’ve been practicing Reiki ever since.  I received my Reiki master level training in 2011.

     I’ve also taken training in other systems, as different energetic systems and “tools” have unique characteristics and serve different purposes. The Seraph ADALIAN energies provide a unique connection to Source through seraphic consciousness, and speak most strongly to me about the intrinsic unity of all reality.

     I provide therapeutic services and treatments using Reiki, Lightarian, and Seraphic energies, and teach Reiki, Lightarian Work, Seraph ADALIAN Love and Faith, and the Rites of the Munay-Ki.

     It is my great honor and joy to share any and all of these energies and systems. May all beings move forward with greater light on the journey of life.

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