Alistair Coakley

         Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom
Certified to Teach~
The Seraph's Love and Faith

Located in Dublin, Ireland
 Offers Teleconference Classes
Phone: +353 87 2479595 (+5 hours from United States EST time)

 I am a passionate spiritual energy healer, teacher & speaker who had an interest in all things spiritual from a young age. It has been a long journey of discovery getting to where I am today. With my love for learning my career spans many sectors including hospitality, education and IT. Eager to find my true purpose and passion I felt a calling by the Angels and so I let my heart rule over my head and became a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy®.  I have also been certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 and as a Laughter Yoga Leader.   

Working with the Angels brings enormous peace and love and I want to share with the world how important it is that we believe in the power of asking your Angels for help in order to achieve our full potential. I believe that we can create peace in the world one heart at a time by asking everyone to look within themselves as opposed to outside of themselves for the truth and answers that they may seek.
As a kid I use to pray to my Guardian Angel which helped me feel safe when at times life was challenging both at school and at home. Growing up in Ireland I was raised a Catholic and I loved seeing the statues and images of Angels in the various churches as I had an inner knowing that the Angels loved us deeply despite what others might say. I have searched all through my teenage years and my twenties for a deeper meaning in my life. Having studied Business I worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years before going on to train as a middle and high school teacher in Ireland but I still felt deeply unfulfilled. I also have a hunger for knowledge and wisdom so I then studied IT to change my career yet again to provide the financial support I needed to train in the variety of healing modalities that interested me. After many years of unhappiness throughout my twenties and early thirties I made the difficult decision to quit my job in IT to create my own healing business and dedicate my life to my hearts desire and passions which are spirituality and my connection to God and the Angelic realm. In 2017 I was then provided with an opportunity to come to New York city with my partner and discovered Seraphic Wisdom. Seraphic Wisdom has brought a lot of healing to me and has made me feel more connected to the Angels and I can feel the overwhelming loving presence of Seraph ADALIAN. I believe Seraph ADALIAN brought me to New York as I have always felt drawn here since I was a child. It has opened many doors of opportunity for me to grow more spiritually and to be of greater service to humanity.
I want to empower people to follow their inner guidance so as to experience their true divine nature and realise how truly powerful they really are. When people are empowered from within then we will transform our world and there will be peace in the world. Seraph ADALIAN is sharing the wisdom and the seraphic consciousness with us to uplift our love and faith helping to create a strong connection to the Seraphim Angels healing ourselves and our planet. I offer Angel healing sessions helping you to reconnect to your true divine nature where you experience tremendous love, peace and joy and recognize your soul's mission in this lifetime.

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