Manuela Puhlmann
The Seraphim Whisperer

   Located in Berlin Germany 
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Manuela lives in Germany in the suburbs of Berlin with her husband and she is a mother of two grown sons. Manuela is deeply connected with nature and the planet; she loves outdoor activities as well as gardening and enjoys painting. Many years of experience as Alternative Healing Practitioner and Angelic Intuitive have built a strong energetic foundation and heightened her sensitivity for subtle nuances. Manuela sees her main responsibility as empowering people to step into their true potential and she assists individuals in this process with private sessions and in unique workshops.

The Seraph ADALIAN first contacted Manuela in 2010. This connection with the Angel grew into a strong personal relationship in which she received a series of initiations and insight into Seraphic Wisdom. She was guided to travel to New York City in the autumn of 2012 for the first public introduction to the Seraph’s Love and Faith energies. Divine synchronicity then created the dynamic for the development of a Teacher’s Team in the United States.

While Manuela focuses her work primarily on teaching in Germany and Japan, she is planning to offer a special weekend workshop in the United States in 2014. The workshop, Remembering the Invisible Pyramids of the Americas will premier in Las Vegas, Nevada in June. More information and instructions for registration will be available in the Seraphic Spheres newsletter.

 If you wish to contact her, please note, that Manuela is more comfortable communicating in her native German language, although she is quite proficient in conversing in English.