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What is Seraphic Wisdom? It is the universal knowledge that transcends the day to day chatter that distracts us from our inherent understanding of a higher source of guidance and wisdom.

This wisdom can come from many sources, including your higher self, your spirit, or what may be called intuition or true knowing. As spirits living in a human body, we have the joy of growing in our expansion of breaking through the dogma and 3D chatter to reach a deeper level of guidance. This guidance can lead us down an enlightened path that gains access to a new way of being. A way to be in-ease, rather than, dis-ease. On some level everyone knows there is a better way to live, free from outside influence, chaos, discouragement, pain and fear. It takes enlightenment, support and a true delight in embracing a better way to live - and - it takes courage. Courage to invite change and stand in your truth as an individual, parent, partner or community leader.

This philosophy of better living or Mindful Living is supported by all of our courses, including our newest program; 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love. The course contains Seven modules with enlightening topics that address ways to be a better parent, better partner, a better contributor to the planet.  The Seraphic Wisdom addresses daily challenges, real value solutions, and a sprinkling of spirituality to support changes with ease and joy.

For those who are new to an energy practice or those who have already embarked on the journey of expansion, in Seraphic Spheres you can connect with the Seraphim Angels to learn about the work of Practitioners and Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom.  The Birth of the New Avalon class will resonate with those who have been waiting to step into their role as a New Earth Guardian.

The fact that you have found yourself at this website is not an accident, but synchronicity. Your higher self, your guides are perhaps bringing this information into your awareness because the time is right for you to make the next advancement on your path of enlightenment so that you can fulfill your pre-destined blueprint, your soul's purpose while on this earth.

The portal to Seraphic Wisdom allows one to understand and connect with the knowledge of all that is awakening within the crystalline layers of the earth and our crystalline light bodies. Through Seraphic Wisdom we see and feel how all are supported, nurtured and assisted from the Universe and Spheres of the Seraphim Angels.  The Waves of Love, Healing and Abundance of Manifestation as received in the Seraph's Love and Faith course are readily available to all, as all of our courses have no pre-requisites; only a desire to make a change of perception of what is real.

Visit the Seraphic Wisdom page for an overview of all courses offered. The Class Calendar link shows classes, free meditation gatherings and introductory presentations scheduled throughout The United States and Canada either by teleconference or workshops in your local area.

We invite you to read our Vision Statement located on the Teacher Directory page.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about Seraphic Wisdom and then visit our Teachers Directory.


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